BRAIDS | 3X Strength Instant Freezer Miracle Hair Gro Oil 3.72 OZ


Repair, strengthen and regrow your hair with our Miracle Gro Oil for Braiders! Miracle Gro Instant Freezer is a powerful, water-based hair growth serum made with Phyto-Mucin 5 Complex ingredients: Molokhia Leaf, Lotus Root, Angelica, Okra, and Yam Root. Mucins are a group of complex glycoproteins known for their ability to promote nutrient absorption while the proteins work together to strengthen, regrow, and repair your hair and scalp.

Formulation : USA 

Origin : South Korea

Our formula is rich with soothing ingredients that heal, cool, and stop itching instantly on your scalp.

  • Non-Greasy

  • Soothes Itchy and flaky scalp

  • Ease of use and effective

  • Direct absorption on the scalp

  • Thicker and more voluminous hair

  • 100% Natural and Vegan Ingredients

  • Twist Top with certified technology

  • Simple Turn to open. Turn back to close

  • For all hair types

  • Recommended for Braids and Protective Hairstyles

  • Cruelty Free

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